Why Only Positive Thinking Doesn’t Work: 5 Things To Do Instead

We hear from people multiple times that we need to ‘Think Positive’! But is it enough?

When we are actually trying to give positivity a room in our daily lives, we are missing out on something more important. 

There’s nothing wrong with being optimistic and trying to find the brighter side of things but are we forgetting something? Sadness, anger, anxiety, insecurities, these are common human emotions too. We need to address them as well. 

When you command your mind everyday with some Positive statements and expect things to work out, you are actually suppressing those negative emotions that are also a part of your life. 

How Does Positive Mind-set Work

You can tell yourself a thousand times “you are peaceful ” for 1 hour every morning. But deep down you are holding grudges for someone or something. How do you expect your brain to deal with that in the rest of the 23 hours?

The bitter truth is affirmations only work when you are working on your subconscious too. 

These self-doubts, insecurities, anger and other negativities live in your subconscious mind. 

When you are trying to keep your challenges away and smile, no matter what life throws at you, you are doing surface work. What does it mean?

Surface work literally means No inner work. You are working only on your conscious mind. You are training your mind to be happy but deep inside something is bothering you way too much and it’s like hiding fish with leaves!

It will come out with it’s consequences one day. 

Why Surface Level Work Pays Off Bad

So, if you are already thinking, what’s the harm in doing surface level work when it’s about something ‘Positive’?

The answer is, if you don’t let your suppressed challenges, doubts and sorrows come out in time and ignore them in order to be happy, it will do the exact opposite thing to you. 

It will come out in forms of anger, depression, frustration and anxiety. You probably won’t be able to find the source then!

What To Do Instead 

Here are five things you can do instead of only thinking positive

  1. Be compassionate towards yourself. Instead of commanding and forcing your mind to be happy, use statements like “it’s ok to fail sometimes. ” “I forgive myself for misbehaving.”. These will subconsciously tell your mind that things are alright around you. No one is bashing you anymore. And in turn it will give you inner peace to get out of that self-doubt.
  2. Ask yourself questions. Sometimes we don’t realize what lies deep down inside our mind until someone asks. If you misbehaved with someone, ask yourself, “what made me do that?” Once you get the answer, ask again “so what?”. Again “okay, so what?”. By repeating this, you will get a final answer that will be coming out of your subconscious. And it will be much easier to be treated. 
  3. Your journey is more important than your destination. If you are getting better, you need to count that. Don’t bother much about the end result. Tell yourself “I’m trying to be more patient”, “I could handle this better than I used to do before. “. Statements like this will make you feel you are making progress and that’s way more comforting. 
  4. Be Realistic. Make Realistic goals for yourself and Realistic expectations for yourself. Don’t tell yourself “you have to be a billionaire within the next month!” I know it sounds weird, but when we dream big we tend to make unrealistic expectations. We compare ourselves with people who are working for ages and made their lives the way it looks all by themselves. If we want to get there we have to walk step by step. If you are starting from zero, aim for two or three. When you reach there, aim for five and so on. Remember, you are a human, not a machine. 
  5. Be accountable. You can not just talk positively and do nothing to make it work. If you are telling yourself, “you are successful “, work for it. Work harder and harder for that success. The idea is, you should make affirmations in such a way that it triggers the willpower in you to make that statement true. Affirmations are not meant to make your dreams magically come true!

You need to understand one simple thing- Positivity is welcome in our lives, Toxic Positivity is not!

The reason why I call it toxic is because it’s going to tear you apart in future. 

When You don’t get the promotion and it bothers you, it’s you wondering “am I not worthy enough?”

When your in-laws tell you your daughter is getting skinny, it’s you wondering “am I not taking good care of her?”

To work on these thoughts you have to confront them.

You must not hide away and face them and eventually get rid of them. 

The only way to get rid of something is to face it.

So, from now on, before writing a Positive Affirmation, ask yourself, is it coming from your subconscious?

Work on it and nothing can stop you from being POSITIVE. 

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