What Self Love Really Means: 8 Tips on How To Love Yourself

When you stand in front of the mirror, and admire yourself, exactly what thoughts flow inside your mind?

Is it something like, “you are so damn proud of this person!” “This person is unbeatable”, “Nothing stands closer to this”, and more proud thoughts?

Or is it something like, “I don’t want to even look at this face!” “It’s worthless”, “this person doesn’t deserve any happiness in the world”?

Both of the above points of view need some modification. 

You must have read tons of books, tons of quotes, movies and songs about loving oneself. 

But, do you actually have gotten the idea of what self love really means?

Close your eyes and think of someone you truly love- your child, your mom and dad, your husband/wife, your best friend or maybe your dog. How do you love them? You try your best so that they get the best life. You pray the best for them. 

But would you remain quiet if they go the wrong way? Probably not. Because loving someone also means helping them be a nice soul. You correct them when they go wrong, you pull them back when they slip away from their ethics.

This is how true love is and you need to do that for yourself too.

Here are 8 ways how you can love yourself just the way you would love your near and dear ones-

  1. Stop being in the victim mode. “This always happens with me”, “why me all the time”, “my life is hopeless”. Putting yourself in the victim mode will only do worse for you. You do not know what another person is going through exactly when you lost your precious jewelry! Maybe someone is fighting death every other day. So, consider yourself lucky for whatever you have. Believe in fate and accept what is coming your way gracefully. 
  2. Embrace your drawbacks. You are a human too. Try to keep that in mind when someone is bashing you for something that you are not. Maybe you are not the way others want you to be, but God has made you the way He wanted you to be, and that too for a reason. You don’t know how to communicate in an interview? So what? You might still get hired for being a good listener and for being calm and composed. The list of examples is huge.
  3. Stop being harsh on yourself. It’s still fine if other people are bashing you unless you are doing the same with yourself. Your soul might suffocate if it feels it’s not appreciated for being who it is. Tell yourself, “it’s ok to not succeed sometimes, at least I know I tried hard.” “I forgive myself this time for behaving so rude, but this is not me, and I will prove that.” More positive you are to yourself, the more positivity you can show others.
  4. Don’t pamper yourself too much. Now, there’s a fine line between ‘self-love’ and ‘narcissism’. If you are narcissistic, pride and carelessness owns you. You do not care whose feelings you are hurting. You believe what you do is right. This mindset is way too toxic to be taken lightly. It takes nothing to be humble and generous. If your apology makes someone feel better, what’s the harm in doing it?
  5. See yourself with your eyes. Which means, stop seeing yourself with other’s eyes. Don’t let people draw a picture of yourself and make you believe it’s you. You should know your potential. You should know your limits too. Others can not decide that for you. If people are hyping someone for their success, it will take seconds to pull that person down by those same people if they fail. So, be in charge of your life.
  6. Your negative emotions don’t define you. It has happened with many of us. When someone describes you, your negative aspects like- short tempered, impatient, lazy, inattentive, these come forward and then the positive ones, if they do at all. If others are doing it, at least you can be a difference. Be nice to yourself. Let the words like- straight forward, enthusiastic, perfectionist, good at imagination, define your personality instead of the negative ones.
  7. Get out of your past trauma. Past is something that should only be remembered to get a lesson. If something went bad in the past, it was meant to be. Again, it was your fate. No point of wishing for a time machine because that also happened for a reason. The universe works like this only. So, what you can do is, understand why that happened to you and get the lesson that your life is trying to teach you through that. The best way to do it is LIVING IN THE PRESENT. When you believe your present is everything because it’s in your hand, you get the best out of your life. When we are thinking and regretting past trauma, we are only killing the precious time from our present that again will make us regret and kill more time in future. 
  8. Know who you are. Are you this body? No, it’s just a tool. Are you the name? Of course not, it was given to you. Then, what are you? You are actually more than what you can think of yourself. You possess immense power and energy to do wonders in this world. If this sounds overwhelming, then calm down and read it again. Because, THIS IS THE TRUTH. Once you understand the nature of your soul, you will be able to bring drastic changes in your life. The exact problem that has blown away your sleep, will seem to be useless to you. By knowing your true self, you will not only change your life, but also the lives of people around you and this is huge.

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