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All you need to do is Learn One Simple Skill​ to experience Joy & happiness in life

‘Meditation is adventure, the greatest adventure the human mind can undertake. Meditation is just to be – no action, no thought, no emotion. You just are, and it is sheer delight.’ – Osho life.

Although we know in a world full of distractions and stressors, is a valuable skill to develop. It is about taking a few moments, once or couple of times a day, to go inwards and assess ourselves. It can teach us newer things about philosophical ourselves and our relationship with the material world.

  • Whether meditating alone or with a group, even a few minutes a day, can help us centre ourselves and be truly present.

But it is easier said than done. We have actions, thoughts and emotions overwhelming us at all times. And to mediate regularly is even harder. However, experts say one can master this technique some with patience and practice. And in most cases, with the help of a facilitator—at least in the beginning. So, if you find it hard to mediate (alone or otherwise) and have tons of questions your mind cannot find answers to, these guided group sessions facilitated by an expert (with over 20 years of healing experience), will be safe space to learn and apply. The nuances you will pick here in the comfort of your home will stay with you for life. While the community formed will help you grow-heal-transform, slowly, steadily.

”The answer to that was given to us by our vedic wisdom and it lies in the control of the breath. By controlling our breath, we take control of our mind and amazing things begin to happen!”

Who will conduct these sessions?

This set of Guided Mediations will be conducted by Transformational Life Coach and Spiritual Healer Chaina Karmakar. She has intuitive ability, compassion and energy to read the psyches (mind-body-spirit) of human beings. Her gift helps most healing journeys. Her mission is to educate people on how to restore themselves holistically and lead effortless lives irrespective of and despite their miseries. She feels that “Life always offers us abundance and human misery comes from seeing scarcity or lack in it. It’s our attitude that constructs or destroys our life. Once we understand and imbibe this concept, life becomes effortless.”

All this happened when she turned her traumatic childhood and life instances into opportunities for her own spiritual growth. Based on her intuitive learnings, she has conducted 40+ healing workshops and helped

1000+ people across the globe. Chaina’s forte is providing alternative healing to people with chronic diseases and disorders. In her own way, she bridges the gap between a medical doctor and a mystic shaman.

What will be covered in these sessions?

(a) Developing awareness of self and surroundings. (b) Understanding body, posture and tension. (c) Exploring mind-breath connection. (d) Creating a practice of meditating. (e) Incorporating meditation into our busy daily lives.

Why join the sessions? 1. To learn the art of getting into deeper states of meditation, which otherwise can become tough singularly. 2. To make mediation a daily practice or ritual that could answer our questions about our well-being. 3. To gain profound moments of contemplations that will help transform our minds. 4. To contain our dissipated energy. ‘Ordinarily, energy is moving away from us—towards things, targets, people, situations and other stuff in the world. Hence, we feel empty. Meditation brings this energy back into us,” Chaina says.

What are the benefits of the sessions?

  • You will learn to nurture your patience.
  • You will reach better comfort levels while handling life’s uncertainties.
  • You will develop a non-judgmental attitude towards self and others.
  • You will build trust in your inner nature and intuition.
  • You will have increased physical vigour, happiness, positive thoughts, and self- confidence.
  • You will improve your body’s chemical balance, imbalance of which is associated with depression, obesity, insomnia, headaches and other health issues.
  • You will improve your body’s regenerative powers, the process of detoxification and of elimination – which, along with stress reduction, are significant in maintaining health and retarding the aging process.

When will the sessions be conducted? We will meet weekly for 3 months, to learn about the importance of our heart, body and mind to create a daily meditation practice.

What are the pre-requisites for the sessions?

When you are ready to reflect, we are ready to guide. And all you need is a quiet place, a soft intention and a set of headphones. No previous experience is necessary. Everyone is welcome!

How much will the sessions cost?

It’s a 5days live guided meditation programs. Brahmamuhurta is the morning period between 3.30 a.m. and 5.30 a.m. It is suitable time for deep meditation.

After a good night sleep, the mind is refreshed, calm and serene. So this meditation program will begin at 4am-5pm. Its deeply enriching healing.

“We will take you from where you are now to where you want to be.”

To awaken greatness in every dimension of your life.

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