Sacred Womb

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by Chaina

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8 Days Program duration
8th to 15th Jul 2022

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Your journey in this physical realm began with your mother’s womb. Inside the womb, we are not only manifested into the physical form, but our spirit continues its journey as well. Wombs are mysterious energy centers, both for females and males. This 3-day workshop is a journey of your womb – visiting both your mother’s womb and receiving the healing energy from the Universe’s womb through the healer. Our womb has many mysteries, and during a lifetime it acquired a lot of “baggage”. It’s time for you to go back to the core of your existence, cleanse the womb of all unnecessary baggage and live this beautiful life in all its magnificence.

Note: The workshop is only meant for serious seekers who’ll follow the guidance of the facilitator for a period of 3 days.

What’s Included As Part Of Your Modules

  1. The Karmic importance of the womb healing
  2. How to identify the toxins of your womb
  3. How to cleanse the womb layer after layer
  4. Healing the womb by getting into experiential exercise
  1. Connecting the dots – being in the mother’s womb
  2. Healing journey – being in mother’s womb.
  3. Healing and cleansing the Sacral Chakra
  4. After cleansing – Identify the power of Sacral chakra
  1. Understanding the connection between the Solar Plexus, Sacral, and the Root Chakra
  2. How to activate the womb to receive energy
  3. The process of grounding (Experiential exercise)
  4. Healing the three lower chakras by connecting with the Heart chakra

Bonuses For You?

Benefits of Joining this Workshop:

Unleash the power of Shakti within yourself

Healing of deeply-rooted emotions which are attached to your past life event(s)

A sense of completion within the Self

Understanding the power of your Solar plexus, Sacral, and Root chakra

Overall well-being with your respective reproductive organs

Reduced irritation, anger, jealousy, comparison, insecurity, fear

Enhanced confidence in the body and better control over your mind

A better understanding and meaning of life

Enhanced sensitivity to energy

Access to the subconscious mind.

Meet The Work Facilitators


Chaina is a Spiritual Healer & Transformational Life Coach, gifted to read the deep psyche of the human mind and healing. Her mission educating people on how to lead an effortless life. She feels that “Life always gives us and human misery comes from seeing the lack in it. It’s our attitude that constructs or destructs our life. Once we understand and imbibe this concept, life becomes effortless”. Chaina went through a tough time at a very tender age. Since childhood, she was always interested in mysticism and her intuitions were always right and situations made her feel that something else is her calling. Over time this calling became stronger and journey of her spiritual growth began. With Universe guidance and her dedication, she has been healing people from all sorts of chronic diseases and disorders for the last 10 years. All the healing techniques are time tested and validated by many of her clients. She has more than 40 workshops to her credit & healed more than 1000 people across the globe.

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Bhawana Datta

I had a deep feeling that I need to talk to someone about certain things in my life and sought some clarity when I saw the pictures posted by my guide Chaina ji and I registered right away. and it turned out to be an amazing decision.

Anita Moray

Educationist and Mathematician

I have attended various workshops with the Transformational Lab, like inner child healing, Sensuality and You, Dreamology, Sound Healing Sessions, Guided Meditations, and many more. This was not something that was only for the sake of learning, but these sessions have been life-changing for me. Exercises and activities helped me a lot to connect with my own Mind, body and spiritual aspects and bring more awareness.

Shilpa Sinha


It seems as if ages had passed since I truly connected to my body and grounded myself. Such a long time of household and work responsibilities seemed as if they has taken me away from myself. This three day journey was totally a much needed thing for me. I am feeling so so much better after the sessions. The catharsis is still happening but now I feel ready to go through it. The techniques used were amazing. The activities were also very interesting. I’ll follow them as a part of my routine. I am glad that I found this. Thanks to the team transformation lab and the facilitators of the program. Also, thanks to Chaina for giving me time after the sessions as well. I know as asked just too many questions. Grateful. See you soon. Namastay.

Kritika Vaswani

I attended the Sacred Womb Workshop facilitated by Chaina Karmakar and hosted by The Transformational Lab. It was truly amazing my life has changed dramatically already.I have had spiritual direct experience where I felt & saw my own power. I can't recommend Anamika highly enough 10/10.

Sevda Hussein

Priestess and spiritual teacher.

I have been attending The Transformational Lab's Sound Healing Sessions, Guided Meditations for the last few months, and also I attended Inner Child Healing and Sensuality for Women Workshops. It was all a beautiful mix of meeting like-minded people, getting insights from within, sharing wisdom with one another with a lot of calm and peace. It has always been a calming session for me and I have enjoyed it fully. Thanks to the team. May you share the light with more and more people.

Soumaya Srivastava

Manager, SBI

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