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8 Days Program duration
8th to 15th Jan 2022

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Do you ever wonder what is your highest self-expression? Would you live a life that is more fulfilling and joyful? Do you also wonder what is your Vision, your purpose? If yes, this workshop is for you! 

All humans can have a deeper vision, purpose in life, But the whole point is that are we aware of it?

With the Envision workshop, master the Wisdom to access your personal vision, create a purpose statement and get set to redesign your ultimate life. Come and explore all this and more with us in our Intensive 3-Day Workshop and master the wisdom to access your personal vision, create a purpose statement.

Note: This 8-day workshop is only meant for serious seekers who are willing to explore guidance of the facilitator to realise their visions and desires

What’s Included As Part Of Your Modules

8 day workshop
Theoretical & practical blended Approach
12 Hours Length
3 sessions of 2.5 hours Each
5 Guided Meditations and Hypnosis to better your sleep and Remember your Dreams
8 day workshop
Theoretical & practical blended Approach
12 Hours Length
3 sessions of 2.5 hours Each
5 Guided Meditations and Hypnosis to better your sleep and Remember your Dreams

How many times do it happen to you that you are sitting on your work desk and you are aware of your thoughts? Have you ever observed that your body accumulates so much as you are not giving the attention it needs? Bringing awareness to your body and mind opens up the space for you to heal by bringing the unconscious to the conscious.

The first week in the Mindfulness journey,

  • We’ll learn to pay attention to the body sensations
  • We’ll enter the state of yog nidra
  • With the Awareness of the thoughts
  • Each day, we’ll move into being more aware of the 5 senses of the body
  • How each sense of the body experiences the reality
  • And explore the sixth sense, which is the mind.

Do you know that your life is being governed by the hidden patterns and conditioning which you accumulated as you were growing up. As a child, you were born with no self-awareness. Inner child reparenting week is reviewing, witnessing and observing your life. So that we can bring attention to those conditions and create space for them to heal and come to your more natural childlike state.

The Second week in the Mindfulness Journey,

  • We’ll revisit your childhood with your parents
  • We’ll bring more awareness to your conditionings and patterns
  • We’ll revisit your relationship with your mother
  • We’ll revisit your relationship with your father
  • We’ll revisit your relationship with your sibling
  • We’ll revisit your relationship with your family and ancestral line.
  • We’ll learn to reparent the inner child.

After exploring the Body and Mind at a deeper level, we’ll enter into the space of healing. Healing cannot occur in us without us surrendering to the feminine. This is the space where you ground yourself, learn to trust the process and come to the space to allow the healing to happen on its own while practicing being more mindful and present. It is also a session on Ego death, but don’t take it literally. The death of the ego is not your significance disappearing, but only your definition of the self, expanding. The ego doesn’t go anywhere, but merely gets integrated, so that we are not controlled by it any more.

The third week in the mindfulness journey,

  • We’ll enter into our state of trust
  • Connect to the divine feminine within
  • Learn the art of surrender
  • Becoming mindful of the present moment at a more expansive level
  • Learning to be mindful of things which are there in our control and not
  • Integrating the Ego
  • Expansion of the definition of the self

Self-Love, Forgiveness and Letting go are not something we’ll practice together, but we’ll learn the art of flowing, so that they come to us on their own as outcomes of out mindfulness practices.

The fourth week in the mindfulness journey,

  • We’ll open the heart center to let the love flow
  • Learn the magical art of automatic forgiveness 
  • Learn the art of detachment and letting go.
  • Learn the mystical technique of being in the flow state.

Now, as in all the four weeks we have done a lot Integration work, through gratitude and loving kindness, we’ll not raise our vibrations and bring it into alignment. We’ll connect to the loving space in which we become ready to give and receive with complete flow.

The fifth week in the mindfulness journey,

  • Learn to master the attitude of gratitude
  • Learn to instantly raise your vibrations
  • Learn the art of giving and receiving
  • Learn to live a life of grate and miracles.

Bonuses For You?

Benefits of Joining this Workshop:

Align both your personal and professional visions

Build a clearly defined roadmap for your own personal success

Get in touch with your inner desires and visions

Holistic Beauty in all areas of Life

Better your Relationships at home and Work

Higher impact at work and faster growth

Meet The Work Facilitators

Tanmay Sinha

Tanmay is a Conscious Entrepreneur & transformational facilitator, supporting others to build thriving life to support people ascend to higher levels of performance. Tanmay offers a non-traditional and effective approach in helping people to create stable and meaningful lives with leading-edge personal growth, holistically. A Delhi University Post Graduate, He has been doing it for the past 12 years. It took him time to realize his true calling, but once he got the call, he continued. Tanmay skilfully conducts an experiential workshop program with Teachers/principals/corporate to transform their life. His training workshops will deepen your professional skills and life coping skills.

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