The Total Transformational Inner Child

INNER CHILD: Find your lost playfulness to heal pain

What if you could laugh again like there is no tomorrow, paint without fear, or dance in the rain with abandon? Tap into the child-like joyous quality buried in your adult mind-body to help you heal your pain

“I thought about adults. I wondered if that was true: if they were all really children wrapped in adult bodies….”― Neil Gaiman, The Ocean at the End of the Lane

Do you want to reparent your inner child that you have lost while growing up into an adult? Who would have loved without judgement? Who would have accepted without boundaries? Who would have lived and not just existed?

Every human on this earth lives with an inner child. It is YOU, but it is not childish. It is child-like. It is your sub-conscious mind and spirit with tons of repressed pain, emotions, memories and feelings developed during your childhood. They pop up as actions and reactions in your adult life from time to time and affect your workings as a balanced being. They cause ripple effects in your mind-body-spirit, life, surroundings and eco-systems. This is your inner child reacting and not responding. That is why healing your inner child is important to your wellbeing and growth.

Have you had a childhood lacking love and care? Was your primary caregiver unsupportive or not supportive the way you wanted? Does the child in you still feel the hurt and pain?

Psychoanalysts say this hurt child within us knows more than we can imagine. It has been a part of us since our birth and stayed with us during our growing years. It has seen us experiencing the great, the good, the bad and the ugly. It remembers all our soul and body’s fears, traumas, neglects and losses. It holds past our memories, emotions, and beliefs. And builds hopes and dreams for our future. It communicates with us constantly. But with time, we sub-consciously learn how to shush it. And the only way to revive it is through self-therapy, which needs handholding in the initial stages.

Know how to cultivate a mutually-loving relationship with your inner child in your adult life

This ignoring of our inner child creates a cycle of pain and behaviour patterns that affect our adult life. It can show up as challenges with people at work, parenting your child or children, giving and receiving love, asking for and showering attention, or issues with settling boundaries with people. Either the inner adult drives us or the inner child drives us—both singularly can make or break us. Yet we ignore this reality. Only when they meet each other, work collaboratively, we can live in awareness.

Yes, reparenting your inner child and giving it deserved attention makes YOU a content soul. But why is inner child healing important?

We all have a young ‘me’ that was never loved the way we wanted it to be. We learnt coping mechanisms to deal with it. And it made that ‘me’– our inner child — become smaller and smaller. But to help grow and expand this child with joy, we need support and guidance. No, not the therapy kind of help but aid more from an awareness space. And this can be built in a short-term workshop that teaches you how to acknowledge, accept, love, integrate and then healing your inner child. At the outset this inner child work may seem unimportant, but once you go deeper you realise the layers you have developed covering it are blocking your expansion. The work subtly makes us identify our pitfalls and challenges to heal, grow and transform slowly. It is a way to address our needs, wants and desires that have not been met as children. It helps us heal emotional wounds and pain we develop over our growing years.

What are the signs that your inner child needs healing?

  1. Unexpectedly becoming or feeling highly reactive to situations or people.
  2. Valuing independence (the ‘I don’t need anyone’ syndrome) more than required.
  3. Avoidance pattern with self and others.
  4. Falling back on destructive coping mechanisms—lying; cheating; alcohol, smoking or other substance abuse; imbalanced eating habits; chronic procrastination; self-doubt and others.
  5. Feeling like a burden on others around you.
  6. Mood swings and poor emotional, mental and physical health.
  7. Repetitive patterns in personal and professional relationships.
  8. Feeling egoistic and not asking for help when required.
  9. Saying “I’m fine” or “I’m okay” when you know are not due to whatever reasons.
  10. Feeling guilt and door-mat-ish all the time.

Spiritual Healer and Life Coach ChainaKarmakar with her two decades of experience will take you through this Inner Child: Find your lost playfulness to heal painworkshop. She will help you focus on the act of feeling instead of the act of doing alone. She will make you talk to your inner child through emotions and not intellectual theory. This will reactivate your subdued imagination, playfulness and spontaneity. Which will support you in working on your hidden creativity and potential. It will let that lost child peep out of your soul’s window from time to time. And then eventually come out healed—even if partially (which is reality as self-healing is an ongoing process and not the end).

ChainaKarmakar’s gift of reading the human mind-body-spirit helps consistent healing journeys. Her mission is to educate people on how to restore themselves holistically and lead effortless lives irrespective of and despite their miseries. All this happened when she turned her traumatic childhood and life instances into opportunities for her own spiritual growth. Based on her intuitive learnings, she has conducted 40+ healing workshops and helped 1000+ people across the globe. Chaina’s forte is providing alternative healing to people with trauma responses, chronic diseases and even mental disorders. In her own way, she bridges the gap between a medical doctor and a mystic shaman.

“I believe in Albert Camus quote. ‘In the depth of winter, I finally learned that there was within me an invincible summer.’ Similarly, in our lives, we have a pool of joy within us at all times. But it can only be accessed when we are in touch with our inner child. Communicate with it with acceptance, fearlessness and intuition.” — Lots of love, light and laughter, Chaina

Does #innerchild work using playfulness to heal pain sound relevant you? If yes, let us connect. Get on a call with me on + 91 9971114612 to find your free-child spirit and help you get on a transformational journey.”

Note: This workshop is for you if you want become aware of their inner child, communicate with it and learn how to handle it to help in self-healing. To notice emotional changes and any healing, you are requested to follow instructions given by the facilitator for the said period, and after (which is useful but optional). You will agree that growth and transformation are not magical and sudden. No one can guarantee it unless we take it up on ourselves to work with and on it regularly. It is a constant process of self-discovery.

When you join Inner Child: Find your lost playfulness to heal pain workshop you will:

  1. Accept and know that something called Inner Child exists within you at all times.
  2. Get in touch with the child in you that you have ignored or lost due to trauma, unaware parenting, behavioural patterns and other issues.
  3. Identify your wounds, triggers and reasons why you ‘act out’ when hurt, embarrassed, angered, pained or sad.
  4. Build awareness that can make you think carefree and lighter.
  5. Trace feeling like anger, abandonment, rejection, insecurity, guilt, shame, sadness and anxiety specific to childhood events and see how similar situations trigger similar responses in your adult life.
  6. Bring back joys of your childhood beyond experiences of trauma and pain.
  7. Uncover your hidden creativity, playfulness and imagination.
  8. Explore daily activities that give happiness and lend a bounce to your step.
  9. Learn techniques like healing journaling, breathwork, mediation and more to handle negative responses before they come up.
  10. Unlock your natural traits and gifts like curiosity, love and more.
Girl in a jacket Girl in a jacket Girl in a jacket
You get more than 6+ experiential learning hours with a spiritual coach to understand why inner child work is needed and how to communicate with your inner child You do over 5+ mediative exercises to find your childhood traumas, patterns and behaviours that affect your adult life and then know how to heal them every time they resurface You pick up 3+ healing tools, that you can apply long after the workshop is over and do them all your life, to reconcile with your inner child to balance your emotions, actions and reactions.

Get bonus benefits

  • Book a free one-on-one session with an Empowerment Coach.
  • Get a Sound Healing Journey group session to help you detox.

“As a doctor, when I attended inner child healing workshop by Chaina, I wasn’t sure how it would pan out. My logical mind was taking over. But after a few sessions, I started understanding myself slowly yet deeply. Although I was a stable person, I still found emotional patterns and issues related to my childhood that were affecting my current life. I started working on them consciously. Soon,I reconnected with myself better and it helped me to connect holistically with others, too.” – Dr. Sheela K., Gynaecologist

Sign-up now to find your lost inner child and its playfulness to heal pain with Chain a to heal, grow and transform!

  • INNER CHILD: Find your lost playfulness by healing your Inner child.
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  • Daily healing sessions for 30mins from 10pm-10.30pm
  • Worksheets
  • 1:1 session

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