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What is the community about?

Do you feel grief as a wound could change you at a cellular level? Do you believe that this grief may have left its scar on your being? And you feel lonely when it happens? If yes, read on…

We all know sudden deaths, estrangements, separations or other traumatic events can have painful effects on us. We grieve them at a sub-conscious level. Usually, we reach out to family, friends or experts to help and support us. Yet sometimes we unknowingly seek a safe space and a set of like-minded people (at times even strangers) with who we can express, analyse, discuss and share our emotions by talking about our heartbreaking experiences in different ways. And then finding alternatives to traditional ways of healing.

With over 20 years of varied experience, I as an Empowerment Coach, founded The Transformational Lab just for this. Based on my learnings, it offers this safe space to emote and purge our grief… where:

1. A community is created for you and supported by TTL to ease your grief.
2. A new sub-topic on grief, pain, anxiety or sadness is explored every week that can help you.
3. An expert comes on board to conduct specialised transformational sessions to aid your healing and growth.
4. A set of ancient Indian tools and tips is shared that you can use anytime, anywhere, between the sessions.
5. A group of people act responsibly and hold spaces for you.
6. A range of personal conversations including yours are explored to bring cohesion to self and others.
7. A one-point focus is built to generate energy and creativity.
8. A source of your internal wisdom is tapped into.
9. A genuine effort is made to make generosity, forgiveness, and love a glue to keep the community together.

Why join our community?

  • Sense of Belonging
    One of the greatest benefits of joining a strong community is the accompanying sense of belonging. Social connection is not always easy to find. There is a sense that you’re not alone in your efforts.
  • Accountability
    A strong community also creates a great source of accountability. For example, if you struggle with forming new healthy habits, the people you meet in a group fitness class can help you build accountability. As a result, you become more likely to follow through with your plans and end up with a consistent routine that benefits your fitness and mental health.
  • Support
    Becoming a part of a strong community creates an ongoing sense of support. You experience the help of others, but at the same time, you’re able to provide support as well. For example, when you’re experiencing stress, a community can give you the sense that you’re not alone. And by reciprocating and being there to help others who are struggling makes the community stronger as a whole.
  • Learning new techniques & applying it in your lives.
    (What Got You Here Won’t Get You There)
    The concept of unlearning and relearning has never been more relevant. As the futurist Alvin Toffler wrote: “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” We as a community help & support peer learning through sharing experiences.
Note: The energy exchange is mutual. And comes at a cost as mentioned below-

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