How to cope with a breakup: 6 tips that would help

Sometimes, ending a relationship becomes a need for the moment. Sometimes, it’s not expected. Sometimes, it’s simply forceful. 

No matter how the relationship broke, break-ups are painful and there’s no doubt about that. Again, there’s another undoubted fact- life goes on!

Experts concluded that a break up not only breaks a person mentally, but also makes him/her physically ill. So, no matter what life throws at you, you have to cope up with that with grace and patience. 

Here are 6 actionable tips that you can try doing after a break up to help getting better-

  1. Journaling: Take a journal, hold a pen. Now, pause for a moment and note down whatever on earth is coming into your mind. While doing this, imagine the thought is flowing from your head through your arms to the pen and pouring on the paper. This way you are not pushing those negative feelings aback but letting them go out. Accept your emotions. If you are feeling disrespected, accept that. If there was something that made you feel unworthy, accept that and write it down. This is not a one time process. Do this whenever you feel low and you are going to start feeling better after a few days. 
  2. Break the Habit: Your conscious mind knows that your relationship didn’t work out, but your subconscious doesn’t understand that and all the sorrow, pain and insecurities are coming from there. You can fix this by breaking the habits you were having with your partner with things like- exercise, meditation, creative stuff or you can also start a side hustle. 
  3. Let go of grudges: Holding grudges for your ex won’t do any good to you. In fact, it’s going to disturb your present, future and future relationships! Every failure that comes our way has a purpose and the most common purpose is giving us a lesson. Your ex came into your life to make you more mature; Make you aware of new challenges in life. Shouldn’t you be thankful?? The best way to make it work is taking a little time and simply texting or telling them that “thank you for giving me a lesson”. No hard feelings. Let them be happy with whatever they find is the best and do the same for yourself. 
  4. Reunite with your loved ones: It’s certainly true that time heals everything. But if you want to accelerate the process, you need to do some work. Sometimes, when we get along with someone so close to our heart, we tend to forget or give less time to other people who love us. Be it our family, close friends or social media friends! Try to talk with them as much as possible and that will help the healing process go faster. Call your parents or grandparents and if possible tell them what happened. Honestly, our families are our biased supporters! 
  5. Travel: Probably the best therapy for any kind of sickness! Let the wanderlust take you far far away from your grief and let no negative feelings touch you from miles away! When you travel, the best part that helps is you get to meet new people. When we talk with people from different places, we get to know their challenges, their stories, what made them happy that day, what went wrong that made them mad. And guess what, you will suddenly realize, you didn’t bother about your problems for a long time. 
  6. Charity: One harsh thing about break up is, it leaves you in a self doubt. All of a sudden, you need to see yourself as ‘me’ instead of ‘we’. The few of the feelings that flow inside are like- ‘what am I going to do with this life now’, ‘am I ever going to be happy again?’, ‘Was I not good enough!’, ‘Am I ever going to make anyone happy again?’ And probably the list is longer. One way to get out of this negativity is doing charity. Donate to help those who are in need. Maybe in need of materials or in need of love! Help as much as you can. This help will give you a feeling of empowerment and let the love inside you channeled in another way. When you are making someone happy, it will make you feel more worthy of good things. And consequently, you will feel much stronger inside. 

Here’s a bonus for preparing to put all these tips into action –

What you should not do after a break up-

  1. Never ever keep the thought of taking revenge. These kinds of thoughts not only take the peace away from your life but you will be doing something that might be destructive as a result!
  2. Don’t groom yourself to make your ex jealous. Sometimes, grooming helps get over the trauma but there’s a fine line between doing it just for yourself and to show him that you’re doing it and you’re fine. 
  3. Don’t rush to contact your ex right after the separation. Take time. Let the positivity come in. Let the forgiveness be there and then only talk. 
  4. And when you are sitting alone, try to engage yourself in some sort of thought or action. Taking some time for yourself and thinking about the same sad things again and again will be like salting the wounds!

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