DREAMOLOGY: The Art of Active Dreaming

Unlock the mystery of your dreams, discover hidden messages and learn active dreaming to access guidance, healing and manifestation for inner peace, joy, harmony and transformation

Dreams are guardians of sleep and not its disturbers.” – Sigmund Freud, Austrian Neurologist and Psychoanalyst

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night or early morning with a gut feeling that your disconnected dream has a deeper significance than what you think it showed? Or have you ever over-analysed your nightmare more than you should or could? Maybe they had masked answers to your relationship problems, routes to your career growth, insights into your health, or ways to multiply your financial success? Which you didn’t know about?

Buried in our sleep patterns, dreams hold more than we know. They are like a storehouse or Holy Grail of latent knowingness and wisdom of our subconscious and unconscious. When tapped, they can either make us or break us. They can envelope us with love or fiercely consume us. They can unravel our mind-body-spirit or complicate it. But if interpreted with information and intuition, dreams can help us know ourselves better, unearth a hidden path to our personal growth, and even make us identify the purpose of our existence. Active dreaming is about learning how do all this and more—under guidance.

Would like to explore the power to use dreams as your guiding light from the comfort of your home and at the time of your choice?

Yogis and Shamans knew how to unleash this active-but-latent power of dreams over human consciousness and reality. They walked the realm between sleep and wakefulness. But dreams only talk to your soul on a philosophical level. And their language is different every single time. Would you want to know how to tap into this sub-conscious activity? Do you want to piece dream puzzles together?

Do you want to decode your recurring and all kinds of dreams, their symbolism and colour cues with intuition and ease?

Attend anonline workshop on Dreamology: The Art of Active Dreamingwith Empowerment Coach Tanmay Sinha. Activate the hidden power to use to your dreams to heal, grow and transform. Drawing from ancient Indian wisdom, Tanmay will teach you how to unlock and interpret your dreams using simple studies, processes. meditations and more. And then you can use them to your advantage in your waking life. The techniques, which can become your skills on practice, will help you manifest your mind-body-soul’s deep needs, desires and wants.

“Dreams have always intrigued me since my childhood, which was spread across parts of India. In my early twenties, I started working experientially to decode my dreams. With time, I could know and understand my sub-conscious beliefs, patterns and fearsthrough activedreams. At times, this revealed solutions to my problems, other times, it confused me. But I kept going. I applied interpretationmethods I learnt regularly to build a knowingness around dreams as a human reality. My experiments made me go deeper into the psychology of self and sleep, too. I used all to design a workshop that could help others do the same. It is not technical but simple in its approach. It is a culmination of my own dream experiences and learnings based on my work, studies, travels, philosophical insights, and human interactions. I hope it helps you the same way and more, the way it did for me.

NOTE: I don’t follow any particular school of thought to interpret dreams. Ancient Indian wisdom is my guide. Because the challenge with understanding dreams is that they are not linear. Instead, they are multi-layered and complex. There is no such thing as a dream with a single meaning.Each dream is a small window into your sub-conscious mind. Dreams show you what you do not know about yourself yet. It is a set of visuals that is trying to become conscious. Sometimes the awareness can emerge on its own like natural childbirth, but other times this birthing process requires your effort and expansion. The truth is, every drop of energy and attention you give in understanding your dreams, makes you take a step in the right direction towards self-healing.

Do #dreamsand their active awakening intrigue you too? If yes, let us connect. Get on a call with me on + 91 xxxxxxxxxx to deep dive into decoding your dreams and help you get on a transformational journey.” 

Lots of love, light and laughter, Tanmay

When you join Dreamology: The Art of Active Dreaming workshop you will:

  1. Open a portal to your soul that you have never done before.
  2. Pave a path for self-awareness and self-healing.
  3. Recognise your physiological and psychological disruptive patterns in everyday life.
  4. Get closer to your life’s vision, mission and purpose.
  5. Become subtly healthier, mentally, physically and emotionally.
  6. Deal with your real-life problems with more conviction and confidence.
  7. Gain trust in your higher self and attain a calmer mind.
  8. Gain clarity on dreams, types of dreams and their symbolism.
  9. Understand theoretical and practical aspects of psychology of dreams.
  10. Learn to interpret your lucid dreams, nightmares, recurrent dreams and more.
  11. Find vital information about signs from your body to improve your wellness.
  12. Go through guided meditative and mindful sessions with a Master Facilitator to help you in active dreaming.

Remember your myriad dreams on a daily basis and learn ways to identify life-changing patterns using them as markers.

This workshop aims to unlock this unique understanding of dreams which is different to each of us individually. The idea is to find our own authenticity in the process, but with expert guidance and peer sharing. You can apply the new-found knowledge, yogic tools and personal advice from this workshop throughout your life on a daily basis.

Manifest your life’s purpose using information from your dreams.

Note: This workshop is for serious seekers, who want to understand their own sleep patterns, dreams and sub-conscious mind. They are requested to follow daily instructions given by the facilitator for a period of seven days, and after (which is useful but optional).

Interpret your dreams: Find perceptions to drive your waking life and chances to heal yourself deeply.

Girl in a jacket Girl in a jacket Girl in a jacket
More than 6+ learning hours with a Facilitator to understand your dreams and their existence

Go beyond what are dreams from a bookish perspective and understand it personally based on your experiences.
Go through 5+ experiential exercises to interpret your dreams regularly and with ease

Learn ways to interpret dreams to find hidden patterns that can help you begin your healing journey
Discover 3+ documenting tools to monitor your dreams even after the 7-day course is over

Learn a few yogic and other ways to clock in your dreams and sleep rhythms that can unlock patterns in your life and thinking.


  • Book a free one-on-one dream interpretation session with the Facilitator.
  • Get a Sound Healing Journey session to help you go deeper into your dreams.

Tanmay Sinha, Founder TTL & Seeker
Your Dreamology: The Art of Understanding Dreaming– journey will be learning-centric, fun-filled and self-exploratory thanks to Tanmay’s intuitive guidance. Tanmay is a Conscious Entrepreneur and Empowerment Coach, who is a seeker and nomad at heart. He enjoys supporting others to build thriving lives, and help them reach higher levels of performance. Over the years, he has smoked with Shaiva Sadhus—the Aghori Babas, lived in the Himalayas, explored Osho Ashram living and more. His nomadic explorations shaped his esoteric experiences, which he brings to the table to help you tap into your own dreams. Drawing from ancient wisdom and his off-beat learnings, Tanmay shares implementable ideas to help people lead fearless, dynamic, extraordinary, fulfilling, and blissful lives. His holistic, passionate, playful and effective approach (combined with tons of listening, love and laughter) has touched over 150+ people, 50+ one-on-one and 100+ in groups, living across six and more countries.

Would you love to know about dreams, why they exist in your system, and how can they aid your restorative and creative life journey?

“There was a time in my life when every time I slipped into deep sleep, I saw myself falling off the sky, from cliffs or into nothingness. It was a scary feeling. These recurring dreams instilled fear of sleep in me, which started affecting my health, personal life, and professional work, too. Until I found ways to accept, monitor and crack the code of these dreams through dreamwork—interpretation and identification of dream symbolism. The guided learning techniques helped me shift my focus away from the intense act of ‘falling’ alone and understand the series of dreams in a more meaningful and hopeful way. I could overcome my fear of failure at work and in personal relationships as a result.” – Divya Mathur, IT Analyst, New Delhi

 Sign-up now to learn active dreaming techniques with Tanmay to heal, grow and transform!


  • Your Dreams: An Introductory Session (1 Hour)
  • 1st August 2022 (Monday)
  • 6pm to 7pm
  • Dreamology: The Art of Understanding Dreaming (7 Days)– To the person looking to rise above self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and unrealized success:
Date Location Timings
13th August 2022 Zoom 6pm-8.30pm
14th August 2022 Zoom 6pm-8.30pm
15th -20th August 2022 WATSAPP
20th August 2022 Zoom 6pm-8.30pm
10th September 2022 Zoom 6pm-8.30pm
11th September 2022 Zoom 6pm-8.30pm
11th September- 16th September WATSAPP
17th September 2022 Zoom 6pm-8.30pm
  • Daily healing sessions for 30mins from 10pm-10.30pm
  • Worksheets
  • 1:1 session

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