Traveling—it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller

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Imagine you are in Nature. With a cup of warm, herbal tea or hot chocolate cupped in your palms. Basking in the Sun. Smelling the earth. Listening to water. Feeling the wind. Absorbing the space. Sitting on the floor on a cotton-y cushion, laid in a circle. And sharing your deepest life experience and experiment with a close group of like-minded people. You are living together for a few days, as a connected community, where you are learning with and from them, too. Enjoying moments of structure and moments of fluidity facilitated by spiritual coaches, healers and experts. Imagine you are going beyond your mind-body with these dialogues and divinations. Imagine you are getting transformed at a heart and a soul level. Imagine…
The Transformational Lab’s Inner Traveller Retreat is just this residential, inner exploration space and growth experience travel designed for you to understand your relationship with self while healing in Nature and its elements. The idea is to shift you out of your comfort cocoon for 6

Nights / 7 Days and tap into your potential that lies dormant due to work, financial, health, relationship, and other inevitable stressors. The earthy-slow retreat help you connect with other like-minded souls, spiritual healers and life experts, too. In the process, you will also share and learn ancient Indian wisdom and esoteric secrets that you can apply in your daily life once you are back.
Hello, we are The Transformational Lab, and we would like to share our need to seek safe spaces for you to share your stories and shift others. When we started off and brainstormed work and life, we reached roadblocks easily. Sometimes, those blocks stayed for days, weeks and months. Neither could we move backward, nor forward. But when we changed our physical terrain, it changed our perspective and pace. Sometimes, these were short trips away from ‘home’, other times they were long phases of solitude. It did not matter. But what mattered was the mind-body shift that took place in those seconds, minutes, hours and days. What mattered were the dialogues that took place within ourselves, and with others around—new or old friends. We, as a team, wanted to recreate those moments for you— Seekers, Creators, Builders, Thinkers, Speakers and Visionaries.

Why join?

  • Find collaborators to change the world with.
  • This is not a vacation but expansive growth vacation.
  • Exchange experiences with action plans.
  • Grow as a leader of your team.
  • From constricted to Expansive transformations with people, facilitators & experiences

Material Includes

  • Top notch guest speakers that have a bucket full of knowledge
  • An emphasis on some of the more Eastern practices (like yoga nidra, including pranayama, kriyas, breathing & mantras)
  • A peaceful location - the perfect setting for a life changing experience
  • Deepen your mindfulness practice and take it to the next level
  • Experience a deep and intense life changing experiences
  • Interested in trekking and hiking the mountains along with learning about yogic lifestyle
  • Retreat for the fresh mindfulness beginners.
  • A refreshed, energetic, lighter experience


  • 1.Direct Bank Transfer: If you want to avoid carrying cash or going to the ATM, online banking is possible. Please make sure you make a transfer before your arrival to ensure the amount arrives before the course starts and that you are able to deal with the bank if there is any issue with the transfer. Please note that any bank charges for the oversea transfer is your responsibility and should not be charged or deducted from the transferred amount. We encourage direct bank transfer over cash payments.
  • 2.Razor pay: Payment via razor pay is possible but you would be subjected to 2% additional transaction fee. This fee is applicable to all payments made via razor pay.


To experience the tribe, a group of people who share, support & transform together. Community experiencing is transformative & healing. Learn to connect with your inner self by listening to the heart’s voice. Observe your deepest feelings, make wise choices and weave your destiny. This will allow you to learn how to be comfortable with silence and quiet your thoughts. There may also be other mindfulness practices, such as breath-work, mindfulness walks, and workshops.

Relax and Rejuvenate

When you immerse yourself in the healing energies and transformational power of Synchronicity Sanctuary you will leave feeling refreshed, inspired and transformed.

Absolutely 100% safe. We are careful in planning & executing the whole retreat. Personalized care & trust is the experience for the participants. 

How many days is this? 

The duration will be 6N/7D.

TTL Inner traveller retreat  is a creative adventure, a  accelerator program designed to get you outside your comfort zone, find inspiration, a strong network of awesome people, & add magic.

We have done all our retreats in the Himalayas. The exact location are share once we finalize. We do 4 retreat per year and each retreat is chosen with lots of research & information. The retreats are at a distance of 250-300kms away from major metro cities like Delhi/Bangalore/Mumbai.

A exact time for pick up will be provided in the document we share atleast 15-20days before the retreat. For outsiders the pick up are at convenient place near the airport & railway station. We directly move from the pick up points to the destination. The earlier we move, towards the destination, is better. For locals a convenient point in the city is used.

November 18-23rd 2022

Who are the facilitators?

Chaina Karmakar & Tanmay Sinha

How do I get an invite? 

We will be providing you the link for an invite. Once the payment is processed you will receive the invite through email. Check your email, after the payment has been processed.

The cost for 6N/7D is INR 35000. 

Is it refundable? 

Yes it is refundable. Please ask for the refund policy. But no refund will be entertained before 15 days of the start of the retreat. For exceptional cases, we will consider it as per the individual case.


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