About Us


We’re a bunch of facilitators who have dared to think differently. Instead of thinking out of the box, we decided to get rid of the box altogether.







Online Workshops

We bring a lot of topics by various advanced mentors and coaches that can help you heal, grow, thrive, and transform in so many areas of life.


Grab the most out of our years of experience with the immersive experience in the most beautiful virgin corners of the world. Bring a deep shift in your life through our Retreats! Trust us! You’ll experience this nowhere else.

Talks and Events

We Love to meet people in person. We have seen that the group energy itself becomes very transforming when a group of people comes together to transform their lives and put their pure intentions towards a certain purpose.

The beginning of our Journey Together

If you ask any of our team members, there is one common link. Our learnings came experientially & that’s what pulled us together when we met. We all came to know how similar were our inspirations, and it was to spread what we have learnt in our own journey of experiencing and being. We facilitate the same process for people who join us. Our purpose is to serve people by facilitating the experience and understanding their own selves, who they are, what they are made of and the beauty of this expansive creation..

Unlearning and Flow

We help people to unlearn what they are not, also, share our experiential unique implementable techniques which this education system never bothers to.For our inner being to express itself, we first must shed light and awareness to what we do not know about ourselves. Our education system, societal upbringing, doesn’t produce evolved beings rather robots that can be well-suited for corporations/factories.It doesn’t focus on developing our true potential, divine expression, rather augment a personality that barely triggers life’s deeper issues.Each of our programs are not just designed in a way that will help you heal and transform but they are personally tested by our team and all the people we connect to, to explore higher levels of Awareness and bridging unconscious to the conscious.
Find with us the true essence of your blissful, dynamic, and phenomenal life right here! We have the vision to change the way change happens.

Change isn’t a linear process.

It’s dynamic. And that’s why the old model of boxing ideas and throwing on participants don’t work. At least, it doesn’t bring any deeper transformation within the participants. As a result, the attendees and the organizations don’t get the desired outcome.Each human’s experience is unique and so is their stories of life. So, we eliminate the leakage because humans are forgetful. The more they experience something, the deeper the are able to heal and transform. The more they merely intellectualize, they limit what more they could be.While making gold, the craftsmen discard the dross. Let us play the role of a sculptor in your life so that we together can identify and unlearn everything that’s not required and re-learn our way to being our most authentic self. The best part of attending our sessions is the opportunity to unlearn everything that you don’t need.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to transform one million lives by the year 2030 with our holistic approach to healing and personal growth. Over the years, we have done in depth research on practices of self-awareness, energy healing, mindfulness - and anything that allows one to have a prosperous, fulfilling life. Combined with the traditional wisdom of the East, our courses and workshops have helped thousands of people better their lives, tackle modern day challenges and tap their way to self-actualization - right here, at The Transformational Lab. Let us show you how!

Our Vision

We are not just bodies and brains living in a three-dimensional reality. We are so much more. We are pure potential, capable of experiencing infinite possibilities. Every human being is capable of experiencing a new, higher level of consciousness - a new dimension of living. However, nothing can shift outside, until it shifts within.Our vision is to create a planet that is more evolved and play our part in helping as many people as possible reach higher states of being. We’re a bunch of facilitators who dare - and love - to think differently. Instead of thinking out of the box, we decided to get rid of the box altogether! We understand how feasible it is to transform this life, to live in the abundance of our dreams, to cultivate a life and lifestyle of pure joy. We help people do just that - overcome all illusionary barriers, be their most authentic selves, unleash their highest potential, and live each moment to the fullest.


Core Features

Experiential Learning

We deliver not just for your intellect, but we make you experience the shift

Deeper Connections

Open your heart and mind. Expand your electromagnetic field

Raise your vibrations

Enhance your perception and thrive in life

Merging the Spiritual and Physical

They are not different, experience the merging

Science and Spirituality

They are not separate, they point towards the same wisdom

Expand your Consciousness

Expand your horizon and see what lies beyond


We have a mighty mission to change a million lives by 2030 with our unique approach and programs.


Lives Transformed


Lives Transformed


Training & Workshops


Training & Workshops


Countries Touched


Countries Touched


All our processes, courses and workshops are tested by our team and close connections multiple times, before we open them up for you - so that we can bring to you the best of healing and personal growth.