5 Ways To Embrace The Divine Feminine In You For Abundance And Grace

When we hear the word ‘Feminine’, the first thought that comes is ‘something related to women’. But when it comes to the ‘Divine Feminine Energy’, it has nothing to do with the materialistic man and woman body.

Divine feminine and Divine masculine are two archetypes of the absolute energy that is present within every single thing that exists. 

For some, the masculine energy is dominant and they typically show traits like- action, logic, reasoning, strength, domination, firmness, survival, growth etc. 

Meanwhile, when the divine feminine is dominant, they tend to be like- nurturing, healing, intuitive, reflective, sensual, patient, gentle, compassionate etc.

The fact is, even a rock hard masculine man holds a divine feminine energy within, which is for sure dormant but not dead. 

What’s important is balancing the divine feminine and masculine energies within us as they complement and support each other. 

Why embracing the divine feminine is the need of the moment 

We are living in an era where masculine energy is ruling the world and getting unstoppable. It is the very nature of human beings to try reaching for the best. 

But, what is the definition of ‘being on the top’ for us?

Humans, mother nature’s most beautiful creation, evolved with time. They were not happy walking on their feet, they invented wheels. They were not happy with the land, so they invented airplanes. They wanted to reach the sky and invented rockets! 

And now, humans are not happy with themselves and they want robots to work with them.

But are they aware of the fact that these ever growing inventions are most likely to bring our existence to an end!

If something that has the capability to protect mankind from destruction is Spirituality.

 “Through honoring the sacred feminine, we find natural access to spiritual qualities like receptivity, patience, the ability to listen, and the care for all of life.” says spiritual author of The Self-Love Experiment Shannon Kaiser.

The Divine Feminine energy is worshipped in different religions by different names. Hathor has been worshipped in ancient Egypt, Shakti is worshipped in Hindu religion, Venus in Roman mythology, and the list goes on.

Here are 5 ways to embrace the divine feminine within you and thus grow spiritually-

  1. Be kind to yourself. Compassion and forgiveness are two traits of the feminine energy within you. One best way to nurture them is by ‘Self love’. Give yourself the kindness you deserve and respect your originality. 
  2. Be intuitive. Intuitions are a sacred part within us that holds all the higher knowledge and wisdom. Through our intuition, we are able to understand things that don’t require any logic or explanation. What you need to do is have faith in yourself and do not search outside for solutions to your problems but dive deep inside your intuition and find your answers. 
  3. Work on your sensuality. Now, some people get this term ‘sensual’ all wrong. It has much more to do along with sexuality. Sensuality means all kinds of senses. Be it the fragrance that takes you to some unknown place in your mind, or the taste of your favorite food that blows you away or the beautiful sunset that makes you sad for unknown reasons. Working on your senses is another way to get in touch with your divine feminine. 
  4. Understand your dreams. Dreams are nothing but your inner reflection. Every dream that you have has a deep meaning and Decoding those meanings can actually make you go closer to your inner reflection. As being reflective is another way to connect with your divine feminine, try not to underestimate your dreams.
  5. Be creative. Creativity is one trait of the divine feminine that we all have within us in different forms. If you’re good at something, nurture it. It can be soft skills too, like observing human nature, communicating etc. More creative you are, the more it gets easier to connect with your feminine energy. 

How embracing divine feminine will help

  • When the world is ruled by the masculine so badly, it’s much needed to inject compassion and healing processes into it. Compassion for creatures, for the planet itself. By awakening the divine feminine within it would be much easier to take actions that won’t do any damage to the planet. 
  • The world has seen the very first pandemic in centuries. When the chaos around us pulls us away from our inner selves, embracing the divine feminine will help to go back to the core and grow spiritually that in turn will protect us from the mental trauma that is created by this pandemic. 
  • In our daily lives, the divine feminine qualities such as- compassion, healing, forgiveness etc. will help us to react to challenging situations differently and we will be able to combat the problem in a much better way. 

Keeping in mind these immense needs for embracing divine feminine, we, The Transformational Lab have designed several courses in such a way that it will help awaken the divine feminine within you. 

  • Dreamology. Now, never confuse your dreams with random thoughts. Decode the hidden meaning of your dreams that will unlock the pathway of your inner knowledge and wisdom. Get more clear with your meaning of life and your purpose. 
  • Tap into your intuition.  Connect to your higher guidance and live a life more joyfully and confidently. When you learn to make intuitive decisions, your life flows like a river, with least effort. You will make better decisions and live a life with greater purpose. 
  • Sensuality and you. Though, divine feminism has nothing to do with your gender but this workshop is designed only for women. So that they can clear all the blockages that are created by the stigma in the outside world about a woman’s body and sexuality. Get closer to your senses and awaken and strengthen the divine feminine within. 

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