10 ways to unleash your true power through authenticity

The word ‘Authentic’ in one word means ‘being your true self’ or not being someone who you are not.

Now, some of the readers might think, how can someone not be the person they are not?

But, unconsciously we try to be the person the world would like to see us as and we forget our reality in the process. 

Why we lost our authenticity 

Being authentic haunts us as we are living in this world of social media. We are more worried about how we look and sound in our social media profiles. We are afraid of showing our true self as we feel the whole world is going to judge us. 

We are constantly brainwashed by the media on how to be and what to do in order to be perfect. But fake perfection is not going to take us anywhere in the long run.

Why authenticity is needed

Being authentic means being your true self and acting in a way that comes from your heart. When you keep faking perfection day after day, it takes away the inner peace in you resulting in depression and lost self love. 

Authenticity comes with mindfulness and self acceptance. More you are your true self, the more you will unleash your true powers to live your life in a better way.

Here are 10 ways to develop authenticity –

  1. Examine yourself. Notice yourself minutely if your actions are coming from your heart or something in your mind making you do that. Sometimes, we want to react in a particular way but as our brain is smoked with the idea of being presentable, we react in a way the society wants us to. Examine yourself and discard these actions.
  2. Think of your mind as a second person and try talking to it. Ask it questions as much as you can. ‘What are you afraid of?’ ‘What will happen if you fail to please people?’ Questions like these will be answered by your adaptive mind and you will better understand what’s stopping you from being your true self.
  3. Spot the differences between your principles and your actions. In the majority of cases, our actions differ from our belief systems in order to be acknowledged by the society. Spot those differences and work on them.
  4. Work on your self-doubt. You need to be happy with the person you are first. This requires self awareness. Once you love the person you truly are, it will be much easier to shed off the superficial layer you are wearing to please others.
  5. Get out of your comfort zone. You have to gain the courage to get yourself out there in your uncomfortable moments. We human beings naturally avoid situations that are discomforting to us and avoid being brave enough to face them. But, being brave and fighting out fears will only help us tap into our higher knowledge. 
  6. Identify your values. Sit and think, how you want to live this life you are gifted with. What are your principles, your values for living a healthy and happy life. Once you figure it out, try sticking to them and never give up on them no matter what happens. 
  7. Be compassionate. It’s ok to go wrong and make mistakes. As this is applicable for others, it’s for yourself too. Forgive yourself for making mistakes and give yourself second chances. Being harsh will never help you but destroy you inside instead. 
  8. Make telling the truth a habit. You are not here to impress others and live according to them. You are on your own journey and on your own path. Be true to yourself and to others. Be brave enough to face the uncomfortable that will come your way for telling the truth.
  9. Take conscious decisions. Whenever you make a decision, pause and think, is it coming from your subconscious? If the answer is no, don’t make it. Go for whatever comes from the heart and this will take you closer to your true authentic self. Your intuitions are one way to help you make decisions more consciously. When you listen to your intuitions, life becomes way more effortless.
  10. Self awareness. Discovering our true selves can be said to be the aim of this human birth. Dive deep inside your body and soul. Search for who you really are. What your higher self expression looks like. Being aware of your true self expression will only make you more confident when you talk, more authentic and lead you towards your higher purpose in life. 

Being authentic is not easy. Keeping the authentic habits is not easy. The chaos around us is pushing us to adapt habits that do not belong to us. But once we overcome our fears and take one step closer to authenticity, it’s evident to see drastic changes in our lives. We become more lively and see the world with a different perspective. 

Tapping into your intuitions is one way to getting closer to your true self. Our intuitions are our higher guidance that are beyond logic and reasoning. 

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