10 tips to maintain good relationship at work

Have you ever heard someone resigning from their dream job? It’s not something that never happens. People do resign from their dream jobs, the sole reason being the workplace environment. 

It’s shocking for sure but at the same time, a matter to look upon. 

You work hard day and night for a workplace, you sometimes lose your health and mental well-being but what could make you give up everything and escape from that.

We humans are social animals. We love being surrounded by people and maintaining a good relationship is mandatory when it comes to being a part of a society. 

On an average, a working person spends 80% of his/her day interacting with office colleagues and higher management. If the interaction is negative most of the time, it gets in the way of our mental health. 

It’s immensely important to know how to handle a certain situation at a certain time and with a particular person. 

Yes, not every human being is made of the same material. They all differ in the way they respond. And we must know how to handle that in order to have a good relationship with this ‘forced family’ of ours. 

Here are 10 tips on how You can build and maintain a healthy work environment

  1. The Positive Attitude: People like to be around positive people. Avoid always talking about drawbacks, complaining, talking about how things are messed up in there etc. Instead, share success stories more often. Tell everyone how thrilled you are with someone’s achievement!
  2. Use the power of Appreciation: Believe it or not, Appreciation can do wonders! Whenever you see someone reaching their goals or getting to the bottom of an issue that was stuck for ages, DO APPRECIATE THEM and that way you are not only boosting their capabilities but helping them contribute to keep things positive in there.
  3. Engagement: Now now, I know introverts are going to freak out BUT hey, it takes nothing to wish a good morning! When someone is passing by your desk, a smile and “whatsup”. Any sort of Engagement is welcome. 
  4. Keep away from Gossips: Gossips and office politics are fun but you know what, they are the ones responsible for your lost focus and reputation. Never be a part of them and one day people will stop gossiping when you are around.
  5. Right word to the right person: Have you ever heard of Emotional Intelligence?? If you just google it, it is the capacity to be aware of, express and control one’s emotions and handle interpersonal relationships empathetically. When a colleague is mad at you, you are not getting mad back but handling the situation with empathy. Understanding why the person is behaving that way. You can call it a skill that you must know if you want to stand out in society. 
  6. Punctual and Trustworthy: People love it when they get their work done on time. And they also love people who are serious about their words. When you say that you are doing it tomorrow, do it tomorrow. If you can’t, say “I will try my best”. Be punctual and a person of words. 
  7. A good listener: Introverts are going to rule this area! But even if you like talking a lot, try to be calm and listen as much as possible. More you listen, the more you notice subtle things that are easy to miss. 
  8. Helpful: Everyone at your workplace is burdened with tons of things to do. That includes helping your boss and manager as well. Whenever you can, be a helping hand and they will remember you forever!
  9. Honesty: It’s pretty hard to maintain but not impossible though. When someone’s asking for feedback, be honest. When someone’s asking for your opinion, be honest. It takes nothing to be honest. The initial part is, giving up the thought of impressing others. When you are trying to impress others, you tend to become less honest.
  10. Controlling your anger: Again it’s a part of being emotionally intelligent. You are very susceptible to get mad at things at your workplace. But, you have to learn to pause before you react or it can cost you your dream job and lead you to give the resignation as I mentioned earlier. 

When you are winning, when you are on the right track and things are pretty much sorted, you are more vulnerable to jealousy, hatred and mind-games around you that are eager to put you down. 

Anger and anxiety can never be the solution to your problems. It can only make things worse. 

Be it your office or your home. You have to take control of your emotions and your behaviors. 

You need to be more empathetic and understand where the negativity is coming from. 

Once you learn this life-changing skill, you can not shut your eyes to the drastic change that is going to take place in your life!

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