10 Things Women Need to Understand about Men

When you google ‘Quotes about Men’, almost every other result that comes is related to strength and weakness. But are there other aspects of men that need to be understood?

Nature’s two most beautiful and advanced creations are Men and Women. The sole reason for creating these two was the purpose of creation. Creation is not possible without any of them. So, in order to maintain harmony, men and women must have a positive attitude towards each other. 

When we hear the word ‘Men’, the first few words that come to our mind are ‘strong’, ‘unbreakable’, ‘one that has no fear’, ‘rough’ and maybe more strong words. But all of these adjectives send a message to our brain that “men do not need our empathy, nor they need to be taken care of!”

But guess what, they do need to be understood. Just like a woman’s mind, a man’s mind is filled with challenging thoughts and doubts about themselves and sometimes, they also feel the need for being heard.

Here are 10 things that women need to understand about men in order to have a healthier relationship-

  1. Stop stereotyping. There’s a tendency of people (both men and women) to treat every man the same way. “Men don’t do this”, “men are not meant to do that” etc. If we pay attention, every single human being is different. And as the most advanced species, we must know how to interact with different people differently. It’s much wiser to not force a soft natured man to talk loudly and show strength all the time.
  2. Men can cry too. Have you ever noticed a small boy (the future man) when he is in pain? Does he think twice before crying for his lost toy car? Never! They burst out their emotions in the form of crying. But in general, they tend to stay happier than us grown-ups. With time, they grow, they are brainwashed that “men don’t cry!” They stop crying and become rough and arrogant! Give men a space to flow their emotions too. Crying is not equivalent to getting weaker! It’s like therapy to get better. 
  3. Do not burden your man with the pressure of achieving success. Success and failure are parts and parcels of life. You never know what’s coming your way. Why should it always have to be Success for men? Why can’t they fail? What’s important is motivating them to stand up again after the fall.
  4. Men suffer from insecurities too. Just like women, men also feel insecure at times. But the expression is more submissive. Probably because of society, they tend not to show their fear and carry it inside all alone. Why not try to help them get over this instead of judging them?
  5. Men are mentally weaker than women. Or should it be like, the majority of men are, not everyone though. Studies show that men are less likely to take psychological therapies than women. The most probable reason being the traditional gender roles, they tend to take a step back when it comes to going for a mental health check up. Which means, moral support is something they crave!
  6. Men love compliments. Yes, compliments are not only for women! Who doesn’t love to hear nice and encouraging words from their loved ones? Compliments do not always need to be on their good looks. It can also be like “thank you for your help.” “I’m impressed how you handled that situation so cleverly ” etc. Make them feel like you are really happy to have him in your life. 
  7. They can not read minds. It’s funny but women love to keep quiet until the man understands what she wants. No, they will most likely fail this test and it’s not justified either! Keep your ego aside and tell them what you want. Let them know what bothers you. Communication is the key to a healthy relationship. 
  8. When raising a man, it’s important to talk about emotions to them too. Parents mostly talk about practical and logical stuff to their boys and they are more likely to be gentle, talking about emotions to their girls. This kind of upbringing makes most of the boys a bit less sensitive and girls more. It’s completely ok to talk about love, care and other emotions to our boys too. This will never make them less ‘manly’, instead, it will help them grow into a better man!
  9. Men and women complete each other. Some women are too frustrated with men to live with them. But the truth is men and women are meant to stay together. If they don’t, there will always be an incompleteness. Adjustment is a skill that you need to learn when it comes to living with another human being who differs in many aspects with you. 
  10. Men and women are co-workers. We have taken birth to play our roles in the world. There’s no point of feeling superior or inferior to someone. Every soul is different and every human mind is different. Embrace this diversity and keep working gracefully!

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