10 things men need to understand about women

This article is not only for men but for women as well. Sometimes, you need to be reminded of your potential and reading till the end will surely modify your perception of yourself. 

A popular saying goes like this –

“Any man who says he totally understands women is a fool.

Because they are un-understandable.”

– Michael Scott

And to be very practical, there are no awards for understanding a woman. But what are you going to gain from understanding a few things about this one half of the human species?

Mother nature has created men and women almost similarly. But if you dive deep into their mind, they sure are a bit different. How do they differ?

Well, when we are in a conscious state of mind, our body is our identity. When people hear their names and see someone pointing toward them, they believe it’s the superficial body that they are carrying that is being considered, which is somewhat true.

Women are physically more tender than men. And this physical characteristic makes some changes in their mind that needs to be taken care of gently and sensitively. 

What are you going to gain from understanding a woman’s mind?

A happy and healthy relationship that will be nurtured with utmost care and love.

Yes, when you give your 50% to a relationship, your woman is most likely to give her 100%. 

Here are TEN FACTS about women that every man should understand and that might help them do their bit for the relationship. 

  1. Women do not need to be understood, they need to be loved. Love is like a magic potion that can do wonders. Imagine this scenario- You forget to buy her a gift on her birthday, but you don’t hesitate to apologize and it shows in your eyes and behavior that you are ashamed and you are feeling bad. You do something else instead, like cooking her favorite food or singing her favorite tune! She is able to understand that your love and your honesty is there. It’s more likely that she won’t stay mad at you. Every creature on this earth is able to understand love and honesty with their intuition. If it’s true and pure, everything else can be forgiven. 
  2. Of course you love her, but how often do you say that to her? Believe it or not, sometimes you need to remind your loved ones that you do love them. Again, it’s another kind of human psychology that the warmth once received from your love tends to fade with time. Remind them what they mean to you. Tell them how they are making your everyday beautiful. Confess something special to them some day. These are also considered as expressions of love. 
  3. Pampering. Since women are naturally soft (in general), they love pampering and when they get it right, you get the best of them. Pampering does not always need to be materialistic. You can pamper your woman simply by making her a nice cup of coffee, or appreciating her for stuff she does etc. 
  4. As mentioned above, Appreciation plays a big role in betterment of a healthy relationship. It can never be like there’s nothing to appreciate. If she is reminding you of buying the groceries, you can simply appreciate it by saying “Thank God you reminded me!” This one statement will make her feel good that you value her efforts. 
  5. Judgment is not welcome. You have to understand the fine line between judging a woman and correcting her for her betterment. If she is making a mistake, you can definitely tell her to be careful next time but you must not judge her by saying, “aren’t you getting more careless!!” It’s frustrating for the person on the receiving end.
  6. Avoid gaslighting. Gaslighting is the phenomenon when a person is mentally abused by manipulating them to doubt themselves. Now, where there is love, these kinds of situations are not meant to be seen. But, you might do it unknowingly too. Remember, it’s ok to apologize for your mistakes. It’s ok to do it again and again. But, never try to blame it on your woman as they are more vulnerable to self doubt. 
  7. Women are not complicated. You heard it right. Now it’s like a popular belief that women=complications. We complicate things in our minds. If your woman is not sharing what exactly happened to her, that definitely means there’s a gap between the two of you. Who doesn’t want to pour out their heart to someone. It’s stressful for women as they are labeled as complicated! If you keep telling a woman they are complicated, they sure will complicate things along the way, as you become what you ingest everyday. 
  8. Respect over Attraction. In general, women strive to be respected in places where they work or with their new family. Try to complement her inner beauty rather than just telling her she is attractive. True that telling a woman beautiful will make her day! But, try calling her responsible, intelligent, caring, loving and see the outcome.
  9. Women are not your competitorsthey are your co-creators. We are not here to COMPETE with each other but we are all here to COMPLETE each other! The feminine and the masculine energy are created to co-exist in nature. There’s no point of looking down upon women as they are weaker physically. Consider the mind and soul as well.
  10. Last but not the least, never forget to make women feel SPECIAL. We should all celebrate the diversity that we have. No matter how she looks, how she talks, how she reacts, how she handles things; you should make her feel special for what she is. This is probably the best you can do for your woman. 

If men are gifted with a strong body, women are gifted with a strong mind. Let’s all celebrate the beauty in diversity and never make each other feel weak. 

When we gaze into our subconscious mind, this gender barrier breaks down and we do not see ourselves as men and women. Our soul has no gender. 

On the other hand, both our masculine and feminine nature are present within us and once they are discovered, we will be able to live in abundance.

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