10 Signs of Spiritual Awakening 

Say ‘Yes’ if any of these questions have ever crossed your mind- “Who I really am?” “Why am I here?” “Where was I before being here?”

If you are someone who does have these questions popping up in your mind, then you are probably one step closer to meeting your higher self.

What does spiritual awakening really mean?

Spiritualism is when you are on your path to unite with your absolute energy and awakening spiritually means consciously realizing the process. 

We are much more than this materialistic body, our names, our families, our other identities. We are one with nature. 

We have come from the absolute energy that has no creation nor has destruction. We have come from it and are going to go back to it. 

As Sree Ramakrishna Paramhansa once explained “The absolute energy is like a dough of sweet and our souls are like small doughs coming out from that big dough. We possess the equal sweetness or potential within us as our absolute self.”

The idea of spiritual awakening has been around the world for ages. Earlier sages in different religions and cultures used to be spiritually awakened more easily as they were far away from the chaos around them. 

When you shut your eyes and ears to the outside world, that is when you get to discover your divine self within. 

If you are curious to know what are the signs of spiritual awakening, here are 10 signs as described by some of the enlightened sages-

  1. Feeling detached. As mentioned earlier, we are parts of absolute energy. So, when we are detached from our roots, the feelings of detachment tend to get heavier. Apart from this, our materialistic body will feel detached from the things it used to enjoy and love. All of a sudden it will be lonely wherever you go. 
  2. Getting less judgmental. When you are on your path to unite with your true self, you see the whole world differently. You won’t judge people thinking ‘she is too talkative’ and ‘he is too impatient’. You will become more compassionate and will see other people as a part of yourself. It’s like what’s within you is the exact same thing within the person you once hated. So, no room for hatred, more empathy and love.
  3. Witnessing miracles. When you are on the spiritual path, witnessing miracles is very natural. Miracles do happen but not everyone can see it. People try their heart and soul to manifest things they want in the future but you will understand how to live in your present and make the most of it. 
  4. Accepting death. When you understand death is nothing but letting go of the body that no longer has any role to play in the world, you grow spiritually. Death is not yours, it’s the materialistic body that is dead. Your soul has been there since the creation and will be there forever. 
  5. Optimism. When you are in the process of awakening spiritually, even your sickness will have a positive reason for you. You will see the world more positively and find the positive side of things. The extended explanation would be ‘this was destined to happen’. This approach makes our life way more stress free.
  6. Shifting interest from materialistic bodies. Spiritual Awakening comes along with your detachment from materialistic bodies such as money, everything that money can buy and also your obsessions like your body and beauty. You will start realizing these are nothing but tools for your higher purpose. It’s okay to nurture them but not ok to be obsessed. 
  7. You will understand signals. You are more likely to get signals from your higher self in the form of intuitions. Something inside you will stop you or will not make you confident enough to take the action. Sometimes it happens in the form of incidents as well. Getting obstacles one after another will make you understand that this should stop.
  8. Deeper dreams. Your dreams will get more vivid as if you are living those dreams. You will get more meaningful dreams that will lead you to your higher purpose. Decoding these dreams are much needed as they hold a strong message for you. 
  9. Preferring tranquility. More you are in calm and peace, the closer you get to your inner self. You will try to keep yourself in a peaceful environment away from the chaos. Having a ‘Me-time’ where you get to go back to nature is much needed. Walking barefoot on the earth, touching the natural beauty will help you discover your divine self. 
  10. Feeling like the one with nature. You will slowly feel like you are one with nature. Your self awareness will make you understand that every single object in this world possesses the same energy as you. This is the higher realization of spiritual awakening where the world feels like a part of you. 

Honestly, these are all the stations you get in your way. Your destination can not be described until you reach there. 

In short, spiritualism is the answer to every question you can have. Solution for every problem you can have. It is the reason why we have taken this human birth. 

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